First time at the track this year

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First time at the track this year Empty First time at the track this year

Post  Travis Wester on Thu Apr 21, 2011 9:22 am

I made it back to EMD the weekend before this past one for the first time this year. As one of the biggest "complainers" of track conditions, I must say that I am pleased to see the effort that is being put forth at the track. I noticed a considerable difference in the track surface and my car hooked better than it did at any point at EMD last year even though the weather didn't cooperate. I spoke to John to personally thank him for the new effort being put forth at the track. He informed me that he is working on getting the bumps ground down which will be another great improvment. Things are looking up at the Mountain!! For those that weren't there, the Goat went back to back 6.01 and then I turned up the boost. After that, it blew the tires off every time I hit the asphalt portion of the track (3 passes in a row). John and David, I want to personally thank you guys for listening to the racers and even the occasional weekend warrior. Smile I am looking forward to seeing the new progress in the coming months.

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